The Caveman Rules of Survival

Your brain needs a software upgrade. It’s still following rules for survival based on the caveman days. Discover why the rules are there and change your programming to live the life you want.

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I enjoyed this book immensely; it offers sensible advice and says new things in an accessible way. All my research is geared towards helping us understand why we are as we are, and why we act the way we do, and “The caveman rules” clearly helps us to do those things. It could be as big as “Emotional intelligence”!

Professor Trevor Harley, C. Psychol., FBPsS
Chair of Cognitive Psychology
School of Psychology
University of Dundee

My life was going brilliantly when I first spoke to Dawn Walton. I’d self-published my first novel, and watched it rise to the Amazon top 10 within six weeks of publication. I’d signed with a major literary agency, was on the brink of agreeing a three book deal with Pan Macmillan, and I was a popular, outgoing member of the UK blogging community, talking regularly at conferences and giving workshops.

That was the theory, anyway…

In truth, I was in a perpetual state of panic that I was going to be found out. I’d be out there, selling myself as positive, confident and sociable, but inside there was a little voice nagging away telling me I wasn’t good enough and didn’t deserve any of this. I’d be telling people to get out, be positive, believe in themselves – and then I’d want to go home and hide under the blankets.

With the help of Dawn’s online therapy, I learned that the little voice in my head was caused by “stuff” in my subconscious – stuff that I could reframe, so the voice didn’t just quieten down but completely disappeared. I learned that my caveman brain was taking over and trying to keep me safe – and with the aid of Dawn’s therapy sessions and downloads, I learned a new way of seeing the world.

Now, instead of feeling sick with nerves I relish the challenge of standing up and talking at a conference. My writing career is soaring forwards because I’ve stopped subconsciously sabotaging myself. Even if I have a bad day – and we all do – I’m able to see it for what it is. It’s just a bad day, not a sign that I’m a bad person, not a sign that I don’t deserve happiness.

The lessons I’ve learned have changed my life, my career, my family – everything. If I could share one thing, it would be Dawn’s message.

Read this book. Understand The Caveman Rules and everything in life will fall into place.

Rachael Lucas, Best Selling author

This is a fantastic book. It is simple, straight to the point, and offers great advice for people wishing to feel happy and get more in control of their lives.

Dr David Hamilton, Best Selling author


When you are being attacked by the Sabre Toothed Tiger you don’t have time to evaluate if you have your best spear with you or if the terrain is suitable for running away…you just have to react. So the subconscious is designed to act without thinking. To trigger a physical response that will prevent you from getting hurt

Why this doesn’t work in the modern day

These days there are no predators. So we don’t need to trigger a physical reaction to survive. In fact, the risk of being hurt that our subconscious is now using is emotional hurt. And the subconscious is a primitive emotional brat. So a primitive emotional brat is trying to protect us from emotional hurt by making our heart race, our breathing speed up and generally get us ready for Flight, Fight or Freeze.


If our parents didn’t connect with us in the caveman days then we wouldn’t get fed and we would die. So it was critical that as children we behaved in whatever way was necessary to create the strongest connection with our parents.

Why this doesn’t work in the modern day

Generally, whatever our connection with our parents, we still get fed. Society will ensure we are looked after and not left for the beasties. However caveman rules dictate that as we grow up we do whatever is necessary to please our parents and so every interaction is evaluated to ensure our behaviours don’t mean that our parents love us less. So for example if your mum is having a really bad day and happens to shout at you just at the moment you ask for help with your homework…according to caveman rule you might think “If I ask for help my mother shouts at me, which means if I ask for help she won’t love me. Not being loved means I’ll die so the best solution is to not ask for help anymore”


Humans are inherently weak in many ways. The best way to survive is to be part of a pack. The pack will protect us as long as we pull our weight. So it’s important to fit in and be part of a pack

Why this doesn’t work in the modern day

We don’t have to fit in to survive. In modern society it is possible to survive without anyone else’s help. And yet the caveman need to fit in means that we are genetically programmed to try and fit in – especially when we are children. Being singled out as different for anything is generally regarded by the subconscious as a bad thing, even if you don’t consciously care. When the subconscious thinks something is threatening your survival it will go into protection mode and do everything it can to try and prevent you from getting hurt. So you may find a constant internal battle going on between what you want and what your brain believes you need to survive

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Dawn Walton

Dawn Walton

Dawn Walton was born in North Wales in 1972.

She is a happily married mother of one girl and is a full time Cognitive Hypnotherapist with her own practice in Dundee and Aberdeen, Scotland.

She also specialises in using the internet to get the benefits of Cognitive Hypnotherapy to as wide an audience as possible. Using Skype and Facetime for 1-1 conversations, YouTube video clips Dawn is on a mission to remove the geographical boundaries of therapy and make it available to everyone.



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